Disabled Women Society of Azerbaijan (DWSA)

Organizational Information

The nature of the organization
Disabled Women Society of Azerbaijan (DWSA) is non-profit organization which was officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on December 11, 1998. “Disabled Women” Society is non-religious, non-racial and non-commercial public association. The organization’s primary mission is to study the problems of the women of all categories (refugees, IDPs etc.), especially focused on women with disabilities rendering them the psychological /legal aid and to assist them closely in the resolution of social problems.  DWSA is the member International Disabled Women Network, Azerbaijan Union of Disabled Organizations www.udpo.az, National NGO Forum (www.mqfxeber.az),  Azerbaijan Youth Organizations’ National Assembly (www.nayora.az) , Azerbaijan National Coalition on Global Call To the Actions Against Poverty (www.whiteband.org or www.gcap.az) etc. 
Administrative issues
There are 20 paid staff and 50 volunteers of the organization. The organization has operating service centres for domestic violence (DV) victims in Sumqayıt, Qazakh, Aghstafa, and Ganja regions of the country. In addition the organziation is active in  Bilasuvar,  Qax, and  Aghdam through its regional branches.

DWSA works in close partnership with state institutions like The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population, State Support Council to NGOs under the President, The Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ombudsman Apparatus, State Committee over Family, Women and Child Issues. Abovementioned service centres for DV victims in regions were established through financial support of the State Support Council to NGOs under the President in 2013-2014. DWSA got special accreditation by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population for providing services to the victims of DV in April, 2014. DWSA uses the experts and as well reports of state institutions in its activities.
Target population group of the organziation is women of being the victim of all forms of violence, especially domestic. The organization mainly focuses on women with disabilities who face double violence of being women and being the disabled.

DWSA is non-profit organization registered under the Law of Azerbaijan Republic on Public Associations. The organization‟s primary mission is to study problems of disabled women and girls in Azerbaijan (including refugees, IDPs, war survivors) and to render professional assistance and psychological support to solve their social, economic, educational, employment and medical problems. The Society aspires to elimination of physical and psychological barriers, which exist between disabled people and society. The organization aims at raising public awareness on existing problems and promotion of disabled women's rights to prevent and decrease violence against them. The organization provides opportunities to disabled women as one of the most vulnerable people to know their rights, to assist them to earn their livings and to live with honor in society. Important focus is on producing educational and informational materials for both professionals and for women with disabilities. The Society has been accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population on April 24, 2014 as an organization to deliver services to women and girls suffering from domestic violence. The oganization is member of the project “Promoting the role of civil society in gender-sensitive implementation of Sustainable Development Goals” implemented by UNDP and EU. The Society has branches and representations in many regions of Azerbaijan including Ganja, Gazakh, Gusar, Guba, Khachmaz, Bilasuvar, Sumgayit, Lankaran, Goygol and other locations
Official status of the organization (include the registration number and date): The registration Certificate number: N 1078. It was founded in 1998 and officially registered in 11.12.1998 as Public Association.
Location: Central office in Baku, Azerbaijan
Number of members: There are more than 1500 members