Members of the “Disabled Women’s Society” Public Union were guests of the "Come, Talk" program
The members of the "Disabled Women's Society" Public Union appeared as guests on the social program "Come, Talk" on Space TV within the project “Improving access of women and girls with disabilities to public services in Baku, Ganja, and Guba-Khachmaz region” funded by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women.
The well-known TV presenter, Amil Khalil, commented on the current issues facing women and girls who have a variety of disabilities and communication challenges when using public services. Mahluga Garamanli, the project manager and chairman of the society, spoke about the project they have been implementing with the financial support of the UN Trust Fund for Ending Violence Against Women for one year in order to solve these problems. She spoke about the formation of a coordination council consisting of representatives of state institutions, the monthly organization of training and seminars for them, and the identification of solutions to the challenges faced by those with disabilities in accessing public services.
Following that, Rima Mammadova, project assistant, and Tarana Musayeva, chairman of the Public Union "Social support for persons with disabilities," spoke about the results of the survey conducted among persons with disabilities and their family members. The created infographic was displayed on the monitor for the program’s participants and viewers in accordance with the percentage indications.
The next question was directed at Gunel Ibrahim, the director of the Ethics Academy, by the presenter, A. Khalil. She spoke about the main points of the trainings she conducted to staff members working at regional and national governmental institutions as part of the project. She said that she explained to them the rules of communication with those from the vulnerable group, and learned how to actually implement innovative service and ethical behavior methods for women with disabilities in state institutions.
Amil Khalil brought up a problem that today's physically challenged persons frequently face: accessibility. The ramp issue plot written by Kamala Sultan, an employee of the Bugun TV, was broadcast live on Space TV. The journalist brought up the challenges he faced as a person with a disability while compiling the report. She said that the lack of accessibility in public catering facilities leads to other problems.
Irada Rizazadeh, the chairman of the "For the Social Welfare of Citizens" Public Union, spoke about the results of the seminars she held for women and girls with disabilities and emphasized that there are problems with the accessibility of people with disabilities in the regions, and for this and other reasons, they need support in the family and in the communities where they live.
A number of state institution representatives also took part in the program. Goychak Mursalova, the representative of the Administration of the Regional Medical Divisions (TƏBİB), talked about the types of services that disabled people can benefit from during compulsory health insurance. She mentioned that they regularly carry out free of charge actions related to them and that necessary support is provided based on the requests of these people.
It should be emphasized that a 3,000-copy instruction book for women with disabilities will be published as part of the project. This information was given by Zinyat Valiyeva, a member of the Board of Directors of the society. On the basis of the data provided by governmental institutions, the book will be prepared and published. In this regard, conditions have already been created for the collection of data by the relevant ministries and service organizations. The manual will be published by the end of the year.
In the program, Mahluga Garamanli, the chairman of the "Disabled Women's Society" Public Union, talked about the positive results of the work done in the direction of the employment of women with disabilities, the sustainability of the project, and the work to be done in the coming years. She asserts that during this time, in addition to the publication of a book, seminars, round tables, and trainings, as well as the creation of an instructional video and a road map on the accessibility of women with disabilities to public services, as well as the promotion of the issue in social programs on television, and other issues of a similar nature, are planned.
M. Garamanli expressed her thanks to the media for their support during the previous year and complimented Elnara Darziyeva, the chairman of the Bugun TV Media Institution, who consistently takes social activities into account and plays a significant role in organizing its broadcast.
In the end, the chairman of the society thanked the management of Space TV, especially the creative team of the "Come, Talk" program which broadcasts the problems of women with disabilities live for an hour, and awarded Amil Khalil, the TV presenter, for his support in covering social issues.